Selasa, 02 Agustus 2016

DIY Cardinal Jeans Bag

Sometimes, it feels so frustrated to find your old jeans can't be used anymore because your size is bigger now. You're too in love with it, but it's so useless to keep it in your cupboard. I'm telling you I have a great idea to turn it as something new and useful!

At first, I got this inspiration from youtube. My brother actually challenged me to make my own vlog about DIY crafting. But, it's still a new thing for me and I don't get used to recording while working. So, I'm sorry guys I'll just show you some parts of my job in pictures. If you want to make your DIY bag, check out this channel for the full tutorial.

All the thing you need is everything you can get from your old stuff. Here they are:

  • An old jeans
  • Zipper
  • Patterned fabric
  • Some hooks
  • A thread
Make sure your sewing machine is fine. You need it in a good condition because you'll sew some thick pieces of fabrics.

Behind the scene of the cool bag cardinal jeans.

Since I got married, my hubby suggested me not to use jeans to hang out. But, sometimes I still couldn't do it because I don't have many fabrics trousers. However, there'll always some time when you still can't use a beautiful skirt or gamis. So, I consider begin to collect my fabric trousers.

Since then, I thought that my jeans would be 'aged' because it'll never be used again. Using jeans or not it's literally a choice, I admit. But, for me, it looks quite better and polite if I don't. So, i think no need to critize nor debate.

This old jeans is my hubby's cause honestly, I just still can't move on from mine. It's my first time to cut a very fine cloth into pieces.

I spent 5 hours to make my own bag. But, the result is hardly fantastic! In the inner side, I add some pockets to carry handphone, make up, or anything small. It's a customize overall.

I suggested to use a patterned fabric for the inner and the combination, so, your bag will look great and stunning. Since I moved to my hubby's house this early year, I didn't bring enough stuff of mine. My class will start this month and I don't have any bag to go to campus. Can you guess how glad I am for making this? It's your signature there that nobody would never have the same as yours!

Just don't loose your patience to sew! Sometimes, people who don't even try to touch a sewing machine would think if sewing is really difficult and boring. But, if it's your passion, I'm sure you'll feel challenged every time you see a great new thing about DIY project. Grow your creativity!


geLintang mengatakan...

I've done that too,,, lately after bored with bag making, I did vest from my old jeans

Masitoh N. Rohma mengatakan...

wow, sounds great! i've never thought to do that thing before, it could be my next project. thanks! ^^